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Toronto Pride 2022

“To be yourself is a truly revolutionary act” and this weekend I saw revolution through my eyes. For the first time I get it, Pride is bigger than us. It’s this personal feeling that makes us feel whole, that makes us feel loved and accepted. Pride takes all the shame away and gives us the… Continue reading →

I’m back… I hope

So I’m back, or at least I hope. It’s been almost one year since the last time I wrote. I’m scared that I might be rusty but I guess I’ll just write from my heart and let the words come out how they want to.  So I wanna give some sort of update but without… Continue reading →

Let Me Start Over

So basically this month was an eye opening one. I not only got drunk every weekend but last Saturday my drunk self decided that smoking weed would be a good idea. I gained 5 kg and I didn’t do anything of the paper work I’m supposed to do. At first I was really mad with… Continue reading →

I failed and it’s okay

So in my last post I said that if I didn’t achieve the goals I set for myself, it would be depressing. I take that back. I forgot that I said that failure is a part of growing and with this failing I actually learned a lot. I’ve been really hard on myself, I’ve created… Continue reading →

Setting Goals

So I haven’t been feeling great lately, to be honest, I’ve been feeling like shit. I’m aware that I could be feeling like this because, I’m going through menopause and puberty at the same time, I’m realizing my relationship ended, I lost the safe place I thought I was going to have, I can’t organize… Continue reading →

Leaving Bad Habits Behind

So I quit smoking and I’m doing sober 2021, wooo yei for me. But let me tell you, this was hard but at the same time so easy and I can’t understand how. So I’m your kind of guy, or was I guess, that would have a beer in his hand every time I ate.… Continue reading →

Nicolás – He/ Him

So it’s no secret that I used to have a different name and different pronouns, shocker I’m a transgender guy. If you know me personally, congrats you know my dead name, please don’t use it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate that name, I think it’s a beautiful name, it’s just not my name… Continue reading →

My First Birthday

On January 26 I turned 26. I’ve never been fan of my birthday, but this birthday was different. To begin with I totally forgot about it. Actually me and my family totally forgot about it hahaha. We thought it was “next week” when it actually was “in 3 days”. So to begin with it felt… Continue reading →

Cassidy, mi pavito

This may be one of the hardest things I’ve ever written. I met Cass on September of 2011. We were in 10th grade together, living in the same school, in a small town called Whitby in Ontario, Canada. She used to live far from the school so she would stay with the boarding girls and… Continue reading →


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