Toronto Pride 2022

“To be yourself is a truly revolutionary act” and this weekend I saw revolution through my eyes. For the first time I get it, Pride is bigger than us. It’s this personal feeling that makes us feel whole, that makes us feel loved and accepted. Pride takes all the shame away and gives us the courage to shine as bright as we can with all our true colours. “We are not what other people say we are. We are who we know ourselves to be, and we are what we love.”

Yes, we party during pride, and we know damn well how to party. Period. But Pride is so much more than that, it is the admiration to all the people who are not scared to be their authentic selves, is respect and gratefulness for everyone who fought before us, is that warm feeling that runs through all the veins in our bodies when we’re walking down the streets, we lock eyes with a stranger and they smile while they say: “happy pride”. This year I finally experienced the community within pride and I’m proud to say that my community is the most beautiful one that exists. Without knowing each other, we accept one another. We don’t care, we don’t judge, we only have love!

Thank you Toronto for this beautiful experience.
Thanks to all the allies out there, you are more important than you know.
To who’s questioning, there’s nothing wrong with you and we’re waiting for you.
To my people, let’s keep fighting for what we deserve, never forget how powerful we are because we survived, and we’re finally free.

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