moon omens

Have you ever just followed an account on social media just because whatever they post will make you smile? Well, the one I follow is called moon omens from instagram (also we’re not really strangers) and tbh I truly believe I was meant to read every single post that found its way to my home page.

When I read some of these posts I wanna let you know that I was definitely NOT at my best. Transitioning in a catholic family, in Mexico, with everyone in everyone’s business, it’s not that easy and it can get very overwhelming, very fast. And funny enough, something that really helped me through that time, was following this type of accounts. Where every time I saw a post, I felt that we were vibing at the same frequency and all of the sudden I just didn’t feel so alone. Plus it was the perfect amount of hope that I needed at that time.

Today I just wanna share some of my favorites, I hope they help in some way. You’re not alone in this, I know that sometimes it can feel like you are but I promise you, you are not alone!

It’s not your job anymore to fight for someone else’s version of the story. You have to believe in your own story and be honest with yourself how that story played out for you. You don’t have to tell them they were wrong. You don’t have to prove to them their version was wrong. You have to be kinder to yourself and work on your own pain, not theirs. Let go of blaming. Let go of needing to prove to others you have good intentions. Prove to yourself you can be better. Prove to yourself there is room for faults and growth. Prove to yourself you are responsible for healing your own wounds and not needing anyone else to carry them for you.

– D A R R E N S I A O

One day it just clicks. You realize what’s important and what isn’t. You learn to care less about what other people think of you and more about what you think of yourself. you realize how far you’ve come and you remember when you thought things were such a mess that you would never recover. And you smile. You smile because your are truly proud of yourself and the person you’ve fought to become.

– B E C C A L E E

You have never shamed the waves for not arriving on the ocean shore any sooner than they were meant to, and you have never looked above you to guilt the clouds for taking their time as they cross the noonday sky. You simply accept: these clouds must travel and whatever pace they need to. Oh, what a difference it would make if you have yourself this same grace.

– M O R G A N H A R P E R N I C H O L S

The best thing you can ever do for yourself is love every part of you that others deemed unworthy. The love you have for yourself is strong enough to heal you from the insecurities you need to let go of. The love you have deep within you will give you the strength to never give up on yourself.

– N A T A L Y A J O H N S O N

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